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  • Unique Piebald Deer Filmed in New Brunswick

    This rare and beautiful deer was filmed feeding in a New Brunswick backyard. The footage was posted by The Weather Network, which simply refers to the animal as a "white deer." But, as many of you know, the deer is actually showing piebaldism due to a genetic abnormality that leads...

  • Fried Rabbit with Creamy Garlic Sauce Recipe

    Fried rabbit is hard to beat, even by itself. But this creamy garlic sauce really adds another dimension to the dish. Serve it with roasted or mashed potatoes and a salad for a meal that fits everything from a weeknight family dinner to a special occasion. The cream sauce is...

  • Kill An Out-of-State Gobbler (For Less Than $1,000)

    Steve Hickoff gives his tips for taking an out-of-state turkey trip on a budget

  • Turkey Hunting in Virginia

    Virginia has a great turkey hunting tradition, spring and fall. Why? Public land. That’s the real story when it comes to Virginia. Opportunity. Two things that spring immediately to mind regarding my Old Dominion hunts are plenty of gobbling turkeys to chase, and abundant morel mushrooms for picking when we...

  • NWTF Show: Great Deer Hunting Gear for 2018

    Deer gear. I love it. Seeing all of the new stuff is exciting and the opportunity to test some of it out is even more appealing. The 2017-18 season just ended. And I’m already looking for to the 2018-19 season, too. I recently traveled to Music City (Nashville) to attend...

  • 15 Things You Missed at the NWTF Convention

    The NWTF Convention is always a great time. The camaraderie. The hunting gear. The events. It’s all part of the trip to Nashville each year. Did you make it this year? No worries if you didn’t. We’ll get you caught up. Here are 15 neat aspects that were present at...

  • Truths, Suspicions and Other Utterly Pointless Observations from the Past Duck Season

    The end of duck season lets us reflect on our days afield, ponder many observations from the marsh and forge some strong opinions about the state of waterfowling. As such — and having little of substance to write about — I thought I’d share some of the thoughts that have...

  • Turkey Hunting in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is a frequent destination for many traveling turkey hunters these days. I've visited and turkey hunted the state numerous times, filled tags on those trips, and thoroughly enjoyed the people, the place and the action it had to offer. There are reasons so many of us make the effort,...

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