When to Turkey Call and When You Shouldn't
Spring Thunder: Onion Patch Gobbler
Osceola Turkey Hunting with "The Grind"
Whitetail TV: Two Big Pre-Rut Bucks Hit the Ground
Why Turkey Hunters Love Gobbler Spurs
Spring Thunder: Giant Osceola Turkey
The Time and Miles of Turkey Hunting
The Truth About Deer and Urbanization
  • Watch Squirrel Attack Man

    A Sarasota, Florida, man was minding his own business when all of a sudden a squirrel ran up his back and attacked him, biting and scratching his arm. It was all caught on a security camera. Turns out Robby Armstrong wasn't the squirrel's only victim. The domesticated squirrel had gone...

  • Turkey Hunting in Pennsylvania

    The hunting culture thrives in Pennsylvania. Turkeys. Deer. Small game. Even waterfowl. Wear camouflage to a roadside diner during spring turkey season, and chances are someone with a smile on their face will ask if you managed to kill a bird. I know. I was born and raised in PA...

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    Some Turkey Hunting Excuses for Why You Missed Birds

    Missing turkeys is part of the game. All veteran turkey hunters have been there, and if you haven't yet, brace yourself. It hurts. Memories of that strutter stepping up into range – and the 10 inches of swinging beard running off after you pull your shotgun's trigger – will haunt...

  • Turkey Hunting in Ohio

    Ohio has wild turkeys, an estimated 165,000 in fact (2018 National Wild Turkey Federation data). Wildlife researchers report the state has experienced consecutive years of below-average to fair turkey reproduction; however, a fall drive through the eastern half of the Buckeye State might, on any given day, indicate otherwise. Populations...

  • Watch as 45 Rattlesnakes Are Removed From Under Texas House

    A professional snake remover thought he'd be removing only a few rattlesnakes from under a house in Albany, Texas. The homeowner, who had called for assistance, said he'd climbed under his house to restore his cable and had spotted "a few snakes." But when the folks with Big Country Snake...

  • Jamaican Jerk Squirrel Recipe

    Squirrel doesn’t get the respect it deserves when it comes to wild game meats. Mild, nutty, flavorful, squirrel meat can be the featured protein in any number of recipes. For this dish, we substitute squirrel for chicken in the classic Jamaican Jerk-style dish. Full of spice and heat and with...

  • When to Turkey Call and When You Shouldn't

    As a teenaged turkey hunter, my late dad imparted words of sage turkey hunting advice to me. One of his insights has served me well over the years: "Sometimes turkeys that have been gobbling will go silent on the way in." You, in turn, might also want to shut up...

  • Turkey Hunting in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin had long been a sleeper state for turkey hunting, but folks are finding out about it. Here's why. Non-resident hunters will find the license/stamp affordable. Also an almost ideal mix of habitat across the state's southern two-thirds: hardwood forest, farm fields, pasture land, river and creek bottoms, grassland and...

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