The 10 Commandments of Food Plots
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Turkey Hunting: Call the Hen to Tag the Gobbler
Top 10 Turkey Hunting Mistakes
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  • Delta Waterfowl First-Duck Pins Helping to Recruit Hunters

    Delta Waterfowl helped bring new hunters into the fold this past season by awarding hundreds of youngsters with First-Duck Pins and certificates of recognition for taking their first waterfowl. Realtree is the Official Camo Conservation Partner of Delta Waterfowl, and the Presenting Sponsor of Delta’s First Hunt and First-Duck Pin...

  • Turkey Hunting in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin had long been a sleeper state for turkey hunting, but folks are finding out about it. Kill data often reflects the effort and surely the results. The Badger State put up good 2012 spring wild turkey kill numbers (42,612 birds), though it dropped off some in 2013 (37,740); some...

  • Video: Watch, Listen as a Wild Turkey Hen Struts, Gobbles

    Ever see a hen strut or hear one gobble? Watch this video. True enough, over the years we’ve seen an occasional hen strut in the spring, often to show dominance, especially when confronting a hyper-realistic fake staked in her territory. We’ve even witnessed strutting in the fall from certain brood...

  • Old Fashioned Venison Potted Meat Recipe

    Well, let me think... I was thinkin' I could use me another couple cans'o that potted meat if ya got any extree. Karl Childers– Sling Blade Fancy dinner party guests might label it as Pâté , but Slingblade fans and anyone who has spent time huddled around a coal stove...

  • 7 Things to Know About Buck Home Ranges

    Deer are very tough critters to figure out. But the very foundation of figuring out how to kill one is determining where they live. Once you know where they bed, feed and water, the rest is knowing when to hunt and when not to and waiting on the right conditions...

  • 10 Awesome Venison Recipes for Deer Hunters

    I’ll give you the top three reasons I deer hunt. Backstrap. Tenderloin. And backstrap. Food — that’s the main reason we hunt, right? It is for me and many hunters that I know. I’m not saying you shouldn’t hunt for fun or to be with family and friends. Those are...

  • How to Age Deer with Jawbones

    Aging deer has become a major part of quality deer management. Kip Adams with the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) has pulled a number of them to study. Here’s some insight into the world of aging deer with jawbones. “One of the most important skills for any deer manager involved...

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    The 10 Commandments of Food Plots

    I don’t always plant food plots. But when I do, I plant food plots that don’t draw deer. Maybe that's not entirely true. Numerous deer have died at the hands of my food plot handiwork. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the first five food plots I planted...

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