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Antler Geeks: Season 2 Begins

Last year, the Antler Geeks launched a brand new Realtree-exclusive web series focused on reality-based whitetail hunting. Public land, small pieces of heavily-hunted private ground that they gained access to by knocking on doors: The Antler Geeks hunt the way you hunt. And still manage to put a few good...

How To Age Bucks On The Hoof

Aging whitetail bucks on the hoof isn't an exact science, but you can be surprisingly accurate by watching for certain body features. The QDMA's Kip Adams breaks down those features on year and a half, 2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2 and 5-year-and-older bucks. When learning how to age bucks...

Timber To Table: Deer Cape Advanced, Part 2

In a previous installment of Timber To Table , we showed you how to remove the cape from a whitetail. In this video, we show you how to completely remove the skull and antlers from the cape. This is part two of the two-part video. You can check out part...

Timber To Table: Cape Your Deer Advanced, Part 1

In a previous Timber To Table video , you learned how to cape your deer. In this video, you'll learn the next steps to caping your deer to completely remove the skull and antlers. whitetail editor Tony Hansen shows the steps for making a short "y" incision and removing...

Antler Geeks: Kansas Whitetail From The Ground

Kansas whitetail hunting during the rut can be dynamite. But what do you do when you're hunting public land and the big bucks lock down with does? In this episode of Antler Geeks, Tony Hansen forgoes the treestands and hunts at eye level without the aid of a blind.

Antler Geeks: Michigan Buck Flash Hunt

Antler Geeks: Michigan Whitetail Goes Down

Michigan deer hunting isn't easy. But this week a Michigan whitetail falls. In Episode 6 of the Antler Geeks , the crew continues their hot streak by tagging a solid Michigan whitetail on Oct. 30. While Michigan is one of the most heavily-hunted states in the nation, the Geeks show...

Antler Geeks: Getting Ready To Chase Reality Whitetails

In the latest episode of Antler Geeks, the crew reveals some of the bucks they'll target during the rut on public land whitetail hunts and while hunting small, heavily-pressured parcels in their home state.

Antler Geeks: Episode 4, Kansas Geeked: Part 2

In this episode of Antler Geeks, Tyler Ridenour takes to the stand in Kansas in search of his own public land whitetail.

Timber To Table: How To Field Dress a Deer.

Will Brantley gives a quick tutorial on how to field-dress your deer

ANTLER GEEKS: Episode 3 - Kansas, Part 1

In the third episode of Antler Geeks, Tyler Ridenour and Adam Millard head to Kansas to chase public land whitetails on a true Do-It-Yourself adventure. Facing such obstacles as poaching, dry, hot weather and life in a tent, the Geeks show that early archery season can be a great time...

ANTLER GEEKS: Episode 2, Hard Work

What's it take to be an Antler Geek? Hard work. Less talk, more walk.

Antler Geeks: Episode 1, Meet The Geeks

In this first episode of a brand-new Realtree exclusive webisode, you'll meet a few members of the Antler Geeks crew and learn about the concept behind the brand. The Antler Geeks are a group of regular, everyday hardcore whitetail hunters who want to show the reality that most hunters face...

Using Minerals and Trail Cameras To Inventory Whitetails

Tony Hansen shares tips on using mineral stations and trail cameras to take inventory of the bucks in the neighborhood.

Milo Hanson Interview

Bill Jordan interviews Milo Hanson about the world-record typical whitetail.

Button Bucks

Tips on how NOT to shoot a button buck

Trail camera site prep

Tips on preparing a site for trail cameras

Trail camera settings

Adjusting settings on your trail camera

Picking trail camera locations

How to pick the right location for your trail camera

How to age deer

Learn how to age deer