Tested: Realtree's Phillip Culpepper Reviews the onX Hunt App

Realtree's Phillip Culpepper gives a few tips on how and why he likes to utilize the onX Hunt app when in the turkey woods. Buy now: onX Hunt App Watch all Spring Thunder videos here . More Realtree turkey hunting . Follow Realtree on Facebook .

Tested: Realtree's Tyler Jordan Reviews the BOG CLD 3 Camo Shooting Tripod

Realtree's Tyler Jordan reviews the BOG CLD 3 Camo Shooting Tripod he used this spring while turkey hunting. This product frees your hands while the shotgun is mounted against your shoulder. Buy now: BOG CLD 3 Camo Shooting Tripod Also seen in the video: New Remington V3 Turkey Pro in...

President Jimmy Carter on Road to Recovery After Breaking Hip on Way to Turkey Hunt

President Jimmy Carter is recovering well after falling and breaking his hip Monday, just as he was about to leave his home for a turkey hunt with Bill and Tyler Jordan at Realtree Farms. But, according to Tyler, it'll take a lot more than a broken hip to keep him...

Tested: OtterBox Trooper LT 30 Soft-Sided Cooler in Realtree EDGE

Watch this video from the recent spring turkey season as Phillip Culpepper reviews the OtterBox Trooper LT 30 Soft-Sided Cooler in Realtree EDGE . It features the same OtterBox quality, reliability and smart design features that made its phone cases so popular. The Trooper LT 30 features a largemouth opening...

Spring Thunder: Tough Late-Season Gobblers

It's the bottom of ninth as spring gobbler hunts go. Late-season hunting can be tough, but Phillip Culpepper and Michael Pitts stick with it and bag two Georgia longbeards. Go here for all Spring Thunder episodes this season . More Realtree turkey hunting . Follow Realtree on Facebook .

5 Excuses and the Truth: Why You Missed Turkeys This Season

Missing turkeys is part of the game. All veteran turkey hunters have been there, and if you haven't yet, brace yourself. It hurts. Memories of that strutter stepping up into range – and the 10 inches of swinging beard running off after you pull your shotgun's trigger – will haunt...

Realtree United Country Spotlight: New York, Tennessee, Missouri, Idaho and Arizona Hunting Land for Sale

Realtree United Country Hunting Properties is pleased to announce a new partnership that will provide a resource to the hunter seeking hunting land of their own. This is the second installment of a bi-weekly spotlight. Check out the showcasing of properties below. You may also go to RealtreeUC.com to see...

Find Land: 7 Ways to Get Permission to Hunt Private Property

One spring turkey season ends and another will begin soon enough. Deer. Duck. Fall turkeys. You name it. One common complaint by those who hunt less or even quit is the lack of hunting access. Truth is, you might have to work for it these days. Stay humble, put in...

Backpack Hunting Public-Land Turkeys

Eastern hunters sometimes view terrorized turkeys as a net positive. Egos are inflated by the belief that “my gobbler is smarter than yours.” Truth is, turkeys are turkeys, and whether or not they’re “call-shy” is influenced more heavily by repeated conditioning than genetics. But I’m not too proud to admit...

3 Reasons Why You Love and Hate the End of Turkey Hunting Season

Admit it, you both love and hate the end of turkey season. A few words follow on why. Early on, you love the early risings, driving through a sleeping town to an all-night gas station for early coffee and doughnuts, where you run into a few other camo-clad hunters and...

Spring Thunder: 3 Merriam's Afternoon

The Realtree crew heads from Wyoming to eastern Montana with Michael Waddell and has one heck of a first afternoon of turkey hunting. Find more Spring Thunder videos here . Learn more : Top 5 Merriam's Turkey Hunting States Realtree turkey hunting . Follow Realtree on Facebook .

5 Tips for Hunting Tough Gobblers

If your spring turkey season is still open, and you're still carrying a tag, you likely have a few tough gobblers on your mind. Here's how to tag one. 1. Get Tight Get tight to its roost tree well before sunrise. Call softly with a no-hands mouth call, if at...