How to Be Safe While Turkey Hunting

This feature article first appeared back in 2001 as “Turkey Hunting Safety,” a chapter in the Team Realtree Turkey Hunting Fieldbook (now a collectible classic). Written by the late Aaron Pass, and as the title suggests, it contains cautionary advice to help turkey hunters stay safe. Some of it might...

The H.S. Strut UnderTaker Chest Pack in Realtree Camo

Hunters Specialties produces a lot of great gear for turkey hunters. The H.S. Strut UnderTaker Chest Pack in Realtree camo is just one of them. Watch this video to see all of the useful features it includes. MSRP: $44.99 (Josh Honeycutt video) More on the H.S. Strut UnderTaker Chest Pack...

3 Ways to Tag an Opening Day Gobbler

Let’s face it. These are busy times for most everyone; especially us turkey hunters. Try these strategies to maximize your time and effort – and you might even put your tag on a gobbler opening day. Fly-Down Time Fly-down time involves an early rising, the drive to your spot, the...

New Strut Commander Box Calls for Turkey Hunting

Word on the new Strut Commander box calls for turkey hunting.

Spring Thunder, South Florida: Why You Scout for Turkeys

Country music singer/songwriter Dallas Davidson arrives to south Florida camp just in time to do some evening scouting off a cattle pasture. The guys end up roosting a handful of turkeys that evening and come up with a game plan on how to set up on the birds the next...

2019 NWTF Convention & Sport Show Highlight Video

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is the greatest conservation group working on behalf of the wild turkey in the history of modern wildlife management. If you're a longtime member as I am, you've seen wild turkey numbers grow since the organization's beginnings in 1973. And you've seen our hunting...

Watch a Gobbler Breed a Hen

Some wild turkey breeding facts . . . In spring, a male turkey gobbles to call hens for mating. A gobbler’s strutting is a spring mating display. When willing, a hen squats on the ground before a gobbler. The gobbler, twice her size, climbs on her back and they breed...

One Special Wild Turkey Named Lover Boy

As turkey hunters, we’re known for nicknaming gobblers, especially the Houdini-like, nearly unkillable ones that taunt hunting skills and haunt dreams. From late-February through mid-May, I enter the wild turkey’s world regularly. Patience, a thick bun cushion and the good Lord have rewarded me with opportunities to capture several nameworthy...

Expert Advice on Broadheads for Turkey Hunting

Choosing the right broadhead for turkey hunting can mean the difference between sure recovery and utter disaster.

10 Things to Say After Your Turkey Bud Misses

The gobbler, amazing thing that he is, stands in range and we whiff. The sight of a longbeard running away will sicken most of us far worse than any tilt-a-whirl ride at the country fair. Been there? Most times, right after, we don't want to hear anything from the person...

Great Tips for Turkey Hunting Rio Grande Gobblers

Tips for turkey hunting Rio Grande gobblers follow in this photo essay.

The New Remington V3 Turkey Pro Shotgun in Realtree Timber

Interested in a new turkey hunting shotgun for the 2019 spring season? You came to the right place. I've hunted wild turkeys around the country with all manner of Remington shotguns, from the iconic 870 to the Versa Max. This new Remington V3 Turkey Pro in Realtree Timber definitely has my interest.