Prologic Carbon Polarized Sunglasses

In Realtree Max-4.

Reputable brand Prologic designs and produces first-class fishing equipment. As part of their vast collection of fishing apparatus, the Carbon Polarised Sunglasses in Realtree Max-4® camo have been a huge hit amongst fishermen.

Designed to enrich and enhance the fisherman’s experience, Prologic sunglasses contain polarised lenses to significantly improve visibility. Made with an intelligent filter, intense light reflected from surrounding water is blocked.

Prologic’s carbon fibre sunglasses are made from robust material, which is used to build high-performance racecars. Containing supreme strength and rigidity despite being incredibly lightweight, Prologic sunglasses are ideal for fishing trips.

Available in Realtree Max-4® camouflage, one of the most successful duck hunting camo patterns ever designed, the sunglasses feature a unique design while blending seamlessly into a range of outdoor environments.

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