5 Random Hunting-Related Things You Have to Do This Off-Season

It's the little things that mean so much when it comes down to tumbling late-season turkeys or arrowing a monster whitetail. Learn some sneaky tips from our cagey veteran outdoorsman. 1. Build a Food Plot for Fall If you have food plots, or are planning on putting one or more...

Why Turkey Hunters Love Gobbler Spurs

Often, as that gobbler struts toward us, wheels and turns, we first glimpse leg spurs on the bird. Wild turkey spurs are expected and common on male wild turkeys, though some atypical specimens are occasionally spurless. We often age a gobbler by spur length: 1-inch long or so at two...

Spring Thunder: Giant Osceola Turkey

Realtree's Tyler Jordan takes his biggest Osceola turkey. Then we join Phillip Culpepper as he and the kids have a few close encounters during the opening weekend of the Alabama youth season. More Realtree turkey hunting . Follow Realtree on Facebook .

New Locator Turkey Calls from Strut Commander

Hunters use crow calls to draw shock gobbles from silent spring gobblers, revealing their locations. Owl hooters, when used on a hunt, do as well. Check out the new line of offerings from Strut Commander.

Extreme Roost Setups for Turkey Hunting

Setting up tight to roosting turkeys can be the most productive strategy in your spring turkey hunting playbook.

The Time and Miles of Turkey Hunting

For the spring turkey hunter, a year can be compressed into roughly three months of time well spent, with the remainder wasted – or at the very least compromised – by acts of necessity. Traveling along a linear path, time is wholly independent and egalitarian for all in its path...

8 Lessons My Biggest Buck Ever Taught Me

I was fortunate to take the biggest buck of my life last fall — all via a DIY hunt on the 50-acre family farm I grew up hunting on. That was what was most special about the 163 6/8-inch buck I came to know as “Big 8.” I followed the...

The Truth About Deer and Urbanization

Urbanization. Urban sprawl. Habitat Destruction. It goes by different names. But its true name — the death of deer hunting. Or is it? That’s what we’re here to discuss. Before we delve in, it’s important to note that whitetails thrive on early successional edge habitat. And edge habitat often comes...

Hunting Properties for Sale: Realtree United Country Hunting Properties

BREAKING NEWS: United Country, the largest seller of land and recreational properties nationwide, today announced a new partnership with Realtree, the world’s leader in camouflage design, marketing and licensing. Introducing, Realtree United Country Hunting Properties. This new brand specifically caters to buyers and sellers interested in hunting, outdoor recreation and...

What We Know About the Recent News of a CWD Cure

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) continues to worry deer biologists, managers and hunters across the country. It isn’t going away. It’s only getting worse. Many people aren’t aware of CWD, or simply don’t understand the full breadth of the threat it poses. Most researchers believe CWD is caused by an abnormal...

Post-Season Scouting Tips

I haven’t conducted a formal survey, but I feel confident speculating that most Realtree wearers are just like me. You probably hunt whitetails. Now is the time to get out there and scout for big bucks. A little off-season work will give you a leg up on the deer you’ll...

How to Map Your Next Buck

Each year while doing seminars at various outdoor shows and sporting store events, I‘m often asked, “How do you and the other Realtree pro staffers find time to scout, hang stands and then hunt on a time-conscious schedule? Usually, I plan on one to two days for scouting, hanging stands...