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7 Ways to Make Fellow Public Land Deer Hunters Mad at You

Public land hunting is one of the brightest accomplishments in the history of North American hunting. The ability to hunt wild game on lands owned by all is a historic achievement. What we have here is rare. You don’t see it in other countries. And we must always protect it...

8 Things You Can Use to Bait Deer

Baiting is a controversial topic. Hunters either love it or despise it. Few are indifferent about it. Naturally, it’s the center of many debates across the hunting community. In some states, baiting is legal. In others, it isn’t. Still, others allow it but implement strict guidelines on how it can...

An Easy Way to Give Your Turkey Decoys More Lifelike Movement

Ever watch a wild turkey gobbler showing off for a hen? Did he stand in one spot, not moving, for hours at a time? Did he spin in circles? Probably not. Now look at your turkey gobbler decoy. Unless the wind is really howling, it probably remains in a more...

Paint Your Old or Inexpensive Turkey Decoys to Add Realism

Today’s turkey decoys are more realistic than ever; often so lifelike that you have to look twice to make sure it’s a decoy in front of you and not a live bird. But that degree of realism usually comes with a hefty price. Ultra-realistic decoys can often total nearly as...

Some Turkey Hunting Excuses for Why You Missed Birds

Missing turkeys is part of the game. All veteran turkey hunters have been there, and if you haven't yet, brace yourself. It hurts. Memories of that strutter stepping up into range – and the 10 inches of swinging beard running off after you pull your shotgun's trigger – will haunt...

When to Turkey Call and When You Shouldn't

As a teenaged turkey hunter, my late dad imparted words of sage turkey hunting advice to me. One of his insights has served me well over the years: "Sometimes turkeys that have been gobbling will go silent on the way in." You, in turn, might also want to shut up...

Spring Thunder: Onion Patch Gobbler

It's opening day of the Alabama turkey season. Realtree's Tyler Jordan and Phillip Culpepper draw to see who gets to hunt the "Onion Plot Gobbler." Watch this video to see who wins. After, they get in close to where the hit-list turkey has been roosted and have one awesome hunt...

Osceola Turkey Hunting with "The Grind"

I'm just in from Florida, after chasing Osceolas with friends, longtime and new. There's really nothing like a great turkey camp, and this was one of the best. Please check out our longform gallery on the hunt.

Choosing the Right Camo Pattern

Camo. If you’ve seen one pattern you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. Absolutely not. Not even close, Jack. Some say there’s a science to creating quality camo patterns. And there is if you look at the technology side of designing patterns. But if you’re looking purely at how well a...

10 Steps for Scouting and Hunting New Pieces of Public Land

Hunting a new piece of dirt can be overwhelming — whether private or public land. But if you’re like us here at, you relish in it. You welcome the challenge. And you appreciate the rewards all the more for it. If you plan to scout, and hunt, a new...

30 Deer Hunting Safety Tips

Safety. It's rule No. 1 when deer hunting. Be responsible. Be safe. Here are 30 things you should be sure to do (or not do) while in the field.

Whitetail TV: Two Big Pre-Rut Bucks Hit the Ground

Week nine brings an end to October, and with it, the anticipation of sweet November arrives. Cole is in Texas with longtime friend Paul Holton and looking for a buck they call “Crooked Ten.” Once the rain moves out, they find themselves with the opportunity they have been waiting for...