5 Quick Tips for Hunting Merriam's Turkeys

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Eventually, most hardcore wild turkey hunters venture out West in pursuit of the Merriam's subspecies. 

Check out these turkey blog tips on how to make the trip successful.


Prepare for Anything

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1 | Prepare for Anything

Dress warm, and don't forget that seat cushion. 

Read the weather forecast, but don't trust it completely. I've spring turkey hunted places like Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska in snowy conditions. Days later it all melted in the warm sunshine.

Pack for all conditions you might encounter.

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Use Your Calls

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2 | Use Your Calls

Use your calls, even if some western guides (in my experience) will tell you Merriam's don't respond well to calling. That's simply not true.

Call. A lot. Or at least the way you would to Easterns, Rios or Osceolas in certain situations.

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Weather, No Worries

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3 | Weather, No Worries

Don't worry about the weather shutting down birds. I've had a number of great western turkey hunts in the snow – fallen, falling or otherwise.

They'll strut right to the calls through it, especially if the day is sunny and warm, with snow on the ground.

But I've also called strutters right in as the snow fell. And as so-called "thunder snow" dropped down (a mix of rain, thunder, lightning and snowy conditions). 

It's all good.

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4 | Merriam's?

Depending on the western state, you may or may not have killed a Merriam's.

For instance, in Montana you'll find two subspecies and hybrid wild turkeys.

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Top 5 States

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5 | Top 5 States

Find Yours: Top 5 Merriam's Turkey Hunting States 

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Editor's note: This Realtree.com post was first published April 26, 2018 and updated.

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