Turkey Hunting

Gobble, gobble, y’all. What makes Realtree.com the best online resource for turkey hunters? Spring and fall. Bow and shotgun. Calls and decoys. We cover all things turkey, right here.

  • Fall Turkey Hunting Is Fun

    I grew up in north-central Pennsylvania at a time when fall turkey hunting was more popular than the spring tradition. Hunter participation numbers bore this claim out. Then, around the turn of the century, it changed. Spring turkey hunting edged past fall in my native state in terms of popularity...

  • How to Bowhunt for Fall Turkeys

    When another hunter asks me if I've bowhunted much, I always reply: "Yep, for turkeys." A second or two passes, accompanied by a puzzled look, which prompts the next question: "Deer too?" "Nope, I've mostly concentrated on turkeys," is my grinning reply. And I've done much of it in fall...

  • How to Kill a Longbeard While Fall Turkey Hunting

    Pattern fall longbeards? Scatter them for the calling advantage? Either way, you wait. Check out these tips to get one by the feet. Big gobblers flush far. Sometimes they take their time regrouping, but other instances prove otherwise. Can’t call them in? Can’t wait that long? You can wait for...

  • 3 Ways You Won't Kill a Fall Turkey

    Just ask any hardcore fall turkey hunter: finding and killing one of these birds takes time. Sure, but not always. If you're hunting human-habituated flocks on private land, well, it can be pretty easy. Take to the bigwoods of the Northeast or expansive properties out West, and success might come...


  • Turkey Hunting Nation

    Turkey populations. Public land acreage. License fees. And an overall hunting grade. New state profiles posted every day of the season.

  • Strut Report

    Spring is finally here, and the turkeys are finally gobbling. Tell us what the toms are doing in your area, and keep tabs on gobbling and strutting activity all across the country with the Realtree Strut Report.

  • The Gobbler Guide

    A step-by-step guide to help you work your way through a classic spring turkey hunt. From roost to strut to boom.