Waterfowl Hunting

Do cupped wings and black Labs get you excited? We have migration reports from every flyway all season long, and duck- and goose-hunting tips posted year-around. If you’re a waterfowler, stop in for a visit.

  • What They Learned: Experts Share Wisdom From the Marsh

    Some of life’s most valuable lessons are learned through experience. Hunting is no different. Just ask any waterfowl hunter with a few years under his belt. On second thought, don’t bother. We did that for you. Here’s what four veteran hunters have learned from spending much of their lives in...

  • How to Target Open-Water Ducks

    Editor's note: This feature originally appeared Dec. 7, 2015. You’ve probably watched a flock of diving ducks see your decoys, bank against the wind, fly toward your spread…and then land 100 yards away. That’s the diver hunter’s dilemma: Getting ducks that naturally feed, loaf, and find safety in open water...

  • Delta Waterfowl's October Migration Report

    October has set the wheels in motion, and ducks and geese across the country are beginning their annual migrations. Our friends at Delta Waterfowl have the scoop on bird numbers and location in all four flyways. Now, get out there and take advantage. Click here for more Realtree waterfowl hunting...

  • Tips for Calling in Mallards: Your Decoys are Now Alive

    In the eighth installment of this nine-video series, Chad Belding, host of The Fowl Life , brings all his previous lessons home and tells you how to combine everything — single cuts, double cuts, greeters and quacks — to sound like a mass of ducks on the water. You'll want...


  • How to Goose Hunt

    How to Goose Hunt includes loads of tips, tactics and advice on goose hunting that can help beginning waterfowlers and field-blind veterans pursue geese more effectively.

  • Duck Hunting Nation

    There's waterfowl hunting in almost every state. Here's the scoop on where you want to hunt.

  • Flyway Reports

    Real waterfowl hunters giving up-to-date reports from the marsh in every flyway, all season long.