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7 Steps To Jump-Shooting Waterfowl

Those hardcore Gen-X call masters hidden in well-constructed blinds have plenty on this waterfowler. Me, I get down and dirty. I walk some of my quackers and honkers up, taking them on the flush. Yep, I slither like a snake to put the wingshooting hurt on those loafing greenheads. Sure,...

Float Hunting For River Ducks

Float hunting for river ducks is quite the experience. It takes time to master. But once you do, it opens a whole new world of waterfowling.

10 Tactics For Hunting Pressured Ducks

We caught up with two big-time duck hunters to get their thoughts on a range of duck-fooling challenges . You might be surprised at what they had to say. 1. TEST THE BLIND Ever hear of matching the hatch in fly-fishing? It’s the same deal in blind building—sort of: “It’s...

How To Hunt Dense-Cover Ducks

Beaver swamp mallards don’t make it easy. Birds that skulk the day away in tangled hells of waist-deep muck and eye-high brier, latticed with blowdowns and mined with beaver-sheared saplings sharp as stakes—well, you can’t expect such creatures to behave with decorum. Nor can you expect them to obey the...

How To Target Open-Water Ducks

You’ve probably watched a flock of diving ducks see your decoys, bank against the wind, fly at your spread…and then land 100 yards away. That’s the diver hunter’s dilemma: Getting ducks that naturally feed, loaf, and find safety in open water to fly near points, shorelines, or an island. And...

3 DIY Duck Hunts You Must Take

A waterfowler’s photo album might give the impression that duck hunting is just a series of action-filled days and hero shots on far-flung landscapes. We know the mystique goes deeper. Duck hunters search constantly for the right gear , perfect setup, right situation, or ideal hunt. And they continually challenge...

5 Ways To Miss More Ducks

Even the sharpest wing-shooters don’t go 100 percent in the marsh. But if you want to fling box upon box of steel skyward to kill only one or two ducks, follow these instructions. DON’T PREPARE YOURSELF Some folks have a natural aptitude for shooting flying objects. Most of us need...

How To Score Early on Geese

Early seasons for resident Canada geese evoke strong contrasts. Hunters often wear shorts and Crocs while battling mosquitoes to pursue a bird synonymous with the cold winds of autumn. And although resident goose seasons represent the first hunts of the year in many areas, those unsuspecting summer “park” birds quickly...

Deadly 1-Truck Decoy Spread for Late-Season Geese

You’ve seen them. Huge diesel pickups towing 24-foot enclosed trailers emblazoned with 5-foot decals from Waterfowl Company A. Inside the rigs are 200 to 300 full-body decoys if there’s one. Once on the ‘X,’ the rigs disgorge camo-clad men who commence setting the hundreds of fakes in scientifically designed configurations...

10 Reasons Why You Suck at Calling Ducks

Duck calling is still something of a mystery to you. You’ve burned countless hours practicing with your call in the truck, watching instructional Youtube videos, and making, well, noise out in the marsh. Occasionally, your calling results in a fly-by that’s close enough for a pass shot. But that’s not...

The Hell Ducks

Michelle and I had been married less than a year, and I could see traces of buyer’s remorse in her eyes. She stood in the door frame of the tiny bathroom in the 1-bedroom apartment. To her credit, she’d just gotten home from work, and the situation in the bathroom...

Balog Goes To Stuttgart

I’m in a rental car driving south through the Mississippi River Delta, reflecting on a duck season for the record books. The deserted highway allows my mind to drift slightly, remembering giant waves of mallards pouring in off the Great Lakes, clouds of divers blackening the sky. The Great Lakes...

Realtree Interviews USFWS Director Dan Ashe

Dan Ashe was confirmed as the 16th director of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service in June of 2011. This year he attended his first-ever SHOT Show, where he took a few minutes to meet with us to talk conservation, hunting and fishing policy, old shotguns and favorite duck recipes.

10 Great Tips for Duck Hunting

Maybe you’re just a weekend warrior waterfowler. Maybe you sleep in your facepaint and refuse to shave for duration of the 60-day season. Either way, when you go hunting, you want to kill more ducks. We’re here to help with that.

Duck Dinner in 30 Minutes

With these five easy duck recipes , you can have a delicious wild-game dinner on a busy weeknight.

Duck Hunting’s Dirty Dozen

Twelve nitty gritty late-season duck and goose hunting tips for hardcore hunters to apply this winter

Ready for Waterfowl Season: Part 2

Here is more great stuff from the Realtree Flyway Reporters to help you prepare for duck season—calling, shotguns, scouting, blinds, decoys and eight reasons why duck hunters are more hardcore than deer hunters.

Ready for Waterfowl Season: Part 1

From favorite decoy spreads to essential gear to hard lessons revealed, Realtree's Flyway Reporters talk duck hunting in this two-part waterfowl package

For the Love of Trash Ducks

Some hunters say “If it ain’t got a green head, it ain’t a duck.” Do you agree with that?

Textbook Saskatchewan

I’ve never looked at a flight monitor in an airport and actually read the words “farthest one from here” under the gate listing, but sometimes those words are appropriate. In the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, a shuttle ride of some sort is typically in order to wherever you may be going,...