Waterfowl Hunting Blogs


Secrets for Cooking Duck

Learning a few simple concepts go a long way when cooking waterfowl

I'm NOT In Shape for Duck Season

There’s no way I’ve got 20 more years of this in my body. It probably doesn’t help that my three favorite foods are beer, ice cream, and fried fish, but it felt as if the lake was trying to suck me down...

Balog on Early Season Geese

“North Dakota’s early Canada goose season is set, and the season will open Aug. 15. The limits are 15 daily and 30 in possession.”

Four Tips for Better Duck Shooting

Ducks aren't real difficult to hit. They're just very easy to miss

Death, Taxes, and Labrador Retrievers

In my world, everyone hunts with a dog, and I own Eukanuba.

Duck Season Dates and Global Warming

Why is it that the ducks seem to show up the day the season ends?

Balog on Calling Contests

Duck calling contests have nothing to do with ducks.

Expensive Shells Worth the Money?

Are expensive duck loads really worth the money, or does cheap steel work just fine?

Gear Review: Cabela's Northern Flight One Strap Waders

Balog reviews the Cabela's Northern Flight One Strap wader

Balog on Hunting TV

During the waterfowl off-season, I spend a majority of my “hunting” time as many of you probably do: looking at Google Earth maps and watching hunting shows. Google Earth never lets me down. Hunting television is another story.

What the Farm Bill Means To Ducks.

The last thing I wanted to do was start this blog with a political rant. But I need your help, because I’m as confused as ever. The one-sided viewpoints of our political leaders and activists just aren’t lining up for me, and I’ll explain why.

Your Bucks Help More Than Ducks

You know you gotta have one if you’re gonna hunt ducks. A Duck Stamp, right?

Meet Joe Balog

Whoever came up with the idea of Internet blogs must have thought of me at the time. Take a far-fetched story, add a little truth, some controversy, and even a dash of conspiracy, and you’ve got a blog. And that sums up my specialty.

Getting 'Addled' About Goose Eggs

New York, like other states blessed with waterfowl traffic, is getting goosed these days and it’s hurting, mainly due to destruction of the ecosystem by these birds. Although hunters take almost 100,000 Canada geese yearly in September, it’s not good enough.

Duck Commanders Get New TV Show on A&E

I was intimidated the first time I met the Duck Commanders. Quite honestly, all that hair scared me a bit.

‘Ribeye in the Sky’ blackens Kentucky’s eye

A scathing editorial in the Courier-Journal.com slams the inaugural season for Sandhill cranes and the writer appears proud that hunters punched only 50 out of 400 tickets.