Trail Camera Review: The Spartan Go Cam

Cellular trail cameras are extremely beneficial for scouting whitetails. They might just be the most revolutionary scouting tool ever invented. Here we discuss the Spartan Go Cam in Realtree camo. Check out what we have to say on the new product. Don't Miss: 13 Crazy Trail Camera Photos Are you...

How to Hunt Big Woods Whitetail Deer

Big-woods deer hunting can be a monstrous task. There are certain things to do and things to avoid when pursuing whitetails in expansive stretches of timber. In this video, we break down the topic and hit some of the more important to-do's when chasing deer in this tough terrain. Don't...

Whitetail TV: A Deer Story

We all have a story about who or what got us started in hunting. For some, it is passed down. For others, it's a matter of finding someone to learn from. Regardless of where you start, you end up with an appreciation for what it means to make hunting a...

2019 ATA Show: Arrows, Release Aids and Quivers in Realtree Camo

We recently attended the 2019 ATA Show in Louisville, Kentucky. We scoured the show floor looking for the latest and greatest in the archery world. We came across a lot of great stuff, including great new arrows, quivers and release aids. Here is the cream of the crop.

6 Reasons Your Turkey Hunting Buddy Won't Kill a Bird This Spring

There are turkey hunters and there are turkey hunters. Some are deer or duck hunters looking for something to do in spring. Some prefer bass or trout over gobblers, but go out to do "something" other than sitting on the couch watching The Walking Dead reruns. That's cool. It's all...

5 Quick Tips for Hunting Merriam's Turkeys

Eventually, most hardcore wild turkey hunters venture out West in pursuit of the Merriam's subspecies. Check out these turkey blog tips on how to make the trip successful.

2019 ATA Show: Best New Hunting Clothing Apparel in Realtree Camo

Bill Jordan revolutionized the hunting culture when he introduced Realtree camouflage more than 30 years ago. Since then, it’s only gotten better with each new pattern he created. Today, Realtree patterns can be found on virtually all of the big-name hunting clothing and apparel brands. Here is but a small...

2019 ATA Show: The Best Realtree Bowhunting Accessories

Oftentimes, bowhunting requires a good bit of gear. I know of very few hobbies that can result in a shed fuller of gear than that of the great outdoors. But that’s okay, because we’re all gear junkies anyway. Some of the most important pieces of gear I take afield each...

2019 ATA Show: New Compound Bow Cases for This Year

Have a bow that needs protection? Looking for a way to keep it safe and sound from natural and man-made damage threats? Luckily there are many new options for 2019. Here are eight of the best bow cases that we found on the show floor at the 2019 ATA Show...

2019 ATA Show: The Best Treestand Safety Harnesses

Treestand harnesses are arguably the most important piece of gear when hunting from elevated positions. Treestand falls account for more injuries than any other in hunting. It doesn’t have to be dangerous, but you inherently increase your risk of injury or death by not wearing one. Do yourself and your...

Grand Slam Gobbler ID Guide

Each of the four Grand Slam turkey subspecies looks, acts and hunts a little differently. Knowing those differences going in will make you more successful. Experiencing them firsthand is what makes a Grand Slam so special. [Editor's note: This interactive post was first published on March 17, 2014.]

How to Get Your Turkey Hunting Grand Slam on Public Land

Have you ever thought of taking your turkey hunting Grand Slam on public land? I think it was my late friend Dwain Bland who first came up with turkey hunting’s Grand Slam concept of the 3/4 Slam. Dwain claimed the distinction, anyway, in his marvelous book Turkey Hunter’s Digest ,...