Osceola Turkey Hunting with "The Grind"

I'm just in from Florida, after chasing Osceolas with friends, longtime and new. There's really nothing like a great turkey camp, and this was one of the best. Please check out our longform gallery on the hunt.

Choosing the Right Camo Pattern

Camo. If you’ve seen one pattern you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. Absolutely not. Not even close, Jack. Some say there’s a science to creating quality camo patterns. And there is if you look at the technology side of designing patterns. But if you’re looking purely at how well a...

10 Steps for Scouting and Hunting New Pieces of Public Land

Hunting a new piece of dirt can be overwhelming — whether private or public land. But if you’re like us here at, you relish in it. You welcome the challenge. And you appreciate the rewards all the more for it. If you plan to scout, and hunt, a new...

30 Deer Hunting Safety Tips

Safety. It's rule No. 1 when deer hunting. Be responsible. Be safe. Here are 30 things you should be sure to do (or not do) while in the field.

Whitetail TV: Two Big Pre-Rut Bucks Hit the Ground

Week nine brings an end to October, and with it, the anticipation of sweet November arrives. Cole is in Texas with longtime friend Paul Holton and looking for a buck they call “Crooked Ten.” Once the rain moves out, they find themselves with the opportunity they have been waiting for...

Football Star Jim Kelly Hunts Giant 178-Inch Deer

Jim Kelly is a football star who played 11 seasons for the Buffalo Bills. He wasn't throwing any footballs in this video, though. He was hunting deer. Big deer. Check out this encounter he has with a giant whitetail that stretched the tape all the way to 178 inches. Don't...

Hunter Takes Crazy Wide Buck at Close Range

Adam LaRoche is a retired Major League Baseball player. He's also a member of the Buck Commander team. In this video, he is hunting in Kansas. And he's chasing a crazy wide buck. See what happens. Don't Miss: 20 Deer Hunting Lies Your Granddaddy Told You Are you a deer...

3 Things to Do This Off-Season

The off-season is a time for work. It's a time for preparation. And if you aren't willing to do it, you could experience less success next season than you would have if you'd made an effort. Here are three interesting things to get done this off-season. Set a Beaver-Pond Treestand...

5 Random Hunting-Related Things You Have to Do This Off-Season

It's the little things that mean so much when it comes down to tumbling late-season turkeys or arrowing a monster whitetail. Learn some sneaky tips from our cagey veteran outdoorsman. 1. Build a Food Plot for Fall If you have food plots, or are planning on putting one or more...

Why Turkey Hunters Love Gobbler Spurs

Often, as that gobbler struts toward us, wheels and turns, we first glimpse leg spurs on the bird. Wild turkey spurs are expected and common on male wild turkeys, though some atypical specimens are occasionally spurless. We often age a gobbler by spur length: 1-inch long or so at two...

Extreme Roost Setups for Turkey Hunting

Setting up tight to roosting turkeys can be the most productive strategy in your spring turkey hunting playbook.

The Time and Miles of Turkey Hunting

For the spring turkey hunter, a year can be compressed into roughly three months of time well spent, with the remainder wasted – or at the very least compromised – by acts of necessity. Traveling along a linear path, time is wholly independent and egalitarian for all in its path...