2019 SHOT Show: Realtree Timber Hunting Gear for Every Season Deer Hunting Editor Josh Honeycutt waded through the crowd at the 2019 SHOT Show to see what the show had to offer, what people thought about the new Timber pattern, and what gear is available in it for 2019. What you see here is just a very small sample...

SHOT Show 2019: Have You Been to SHOT Show?

For over 30 years, Realtree has attended the SHOT Show. The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show is one of the busiest weeks for the outdoor industry. This year, we launched our newest pattern, Realtree Timber. For more information on Timber, go here . Don't Miss: 2019 SHOT Show: Realtree Timber...

10 Risky Yet Effective Deer Hunting Tips

Some of the best hunts I’ve been a part of were hunts where aggressive tactics were implemented. Here are 10 of those that have proven to be the most effective.

10 Bowhunting Tips for Big Game

Big game hunting is hard. Big game hunting with a bow is even tougher. Here are 10 tips to help you prepare for next season. It's a starting point, and up to you to take it from here. 1. What to Glass For Stalking western big game is hunting's greatest...

10 Things You Need to Know About Late-Season Deer Hunting

Deer season is already over for some. It's nearing its end for others. If you're among the latter, here are 10 different tidbits of information that might help you seal the deal in the final days of deer season. 1. Faster (and Cheaper) Sighting In Want a quicker method of...

7 Weird Whitetail Oddities

There are a lot of weird things that occur in the world of whitetails. That goes without saying. But I’m willing to bet that there are some occurrences that many of you may have never heard of before. Here are seven. Ever seen any of these in the wild?

8 Reasons Your Spouse Hates Deer Hunting

Deer hunting. Some people love it. Other people, well, not so much. But oftentimes those who don’t haven’t been properly introduced. And in the case of spouses not taking to it, it’s generally because their better half did a poor job of warming them up to it. Here are eight...

Double Amputee Jason Koger Takes Last-Day Buck with a Crossbow

Jason Koger’s history with this particular buck started in November of 2018, but this Owensboro, Kentucky, hunter’s story goes back much farther. In early March of 2008, Jason was out riding the farm on his ATV, a near daily occurrence for the active outdoorsman. Then something went horribly wrong. “I...

20 Realtree Pro Staffers with Their First Deer

Realtree is proud of the fact that they have the best pro staff in the industry. The men and women who represent Realtree camo are second to none and not only represent the brand but also live and love the hunting heritage. They’re real. They’re genuine. And they’re just like...

5 Places to Find Elk in Pressured Easy-to-Access Areas

For most of my adult life, I lived in New Mexico’s fabled Gila region, where I also spent 23 years outfitting and guiding elk hunters. I bowhunted those Gila units myself well before they attracted the attention of globe-trotting trophy seekers, way back when archery tags were unlimited though an...

18 Tips for Stalking Deer with a Bow

Stalking deer is a serious business. Slipping up on an animal that can smell you from 400 yards, see you from 3/4 of a mile and hear the slightest snap of a twig is tricky business. It takes real skill to accomplish this sort of thing. And that’s why we’re...

15 of the Best Educational Tools for New and Experienced Deer Hunters

Deer hunting is a big world. And there's still much to learn for both new and experienced hunters. These 15 deer hunting interactive guides will do just that.