8 Tips for Better Big Game Hunting

Before you hit the trail, you'd better wrap your mind around these hunt-savers. The West is no joke. It can be overwhelming if you let it be. Make sure you're prepared before you embark on the hunt of a lifetime. The Right Camouflage Camouflage patterns have become extremely effective in...

12 Unethical Shots You Shouldn’t Take on Deer

Wait for him to stop. Let him turn broadside. Are you steady? Are you on him? Don’t take the shot unless you feel completely comfortable. These are all questions and statements I heard from my mentors when I first got into hunting. And I’ve said the same to those who...

Great Camo Patterns for Deer Hunting This Season

It’s that time of year again. We’re going through withdrawals because, for most, turkey season is practically over for another year and deer season is still four or five months away. Hunters are looking at gear. Buying it when their spouses will let them. ( Check out these awesome deals...

Best Bullets: Best Ammo for Deer Hunting

Deer hunting bullets are likely the most talked about topic in the whitetail world. The research certainly suggests it’s the most talked about. But why? Why are they so captivating? The reason is both simple and complex. There are many avenues of discussion when talking deer bullets. Ballistics. Bullet Style...

Graycen Jordan Hunts Giant Brow Tine Buck

Graycen Jordan has proven she's just like her father Bill and brother Tyler Jordan. She's a stone-cold whitetail killer. Watch as she and Bill head afield on a special hunt where she tags a buck with giant brow tines named Long Brow. Don't Miss: 20 Deer Hunting Lies Your Granddaddy...

20 Crazy Good Deer Mounts from the NWTF Convention

The 2019 NWTF Convention was a wild success for many reasons. But the taxidermy contest was one of the most impressive events at the show. While I’m no taxidermist, I know a good deer mount when I see one. Here are my 20 favorite deer mounts that were entered in...

10 Tips for Deer Hunting in the South

Deer hunting in the South is a completely different animal than hunting in the northern half of the country. I won’t say that it’s harder. But it’s different. And what might work in one location might not in another. It takes a lot of trial and error to kill a...

NWTF Convention: New Innovative Deer Hunting Gear for 2019

Deer hunting gear is always changing and evolving to meet the demands of hunters. This year has been no different. We have updated gear. We have improved gear. And we have revolutionary products. Altogether, there was a lot of cool hunting gear in Realtree camo for deer hunters to salivate...

2019 SHOT Show: Realtree Timber Hunting Gear for Every Season

Realtree.com Deer Hunting Editor Josh Honeycutt waded through the crowd at the 2019 SHOT Show to see what the show had to offer, what people thought about the new Timber pattern, and what gear is available in it for 2019. What you see here is just a very small sample...

SHOT Show 2019: Have You Been to SHOT Show?

For over 30 years, Realtree has attended the SHOT Show. The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show is one of the busiest weeks for the outdoor industry. This year, we launched our newest pattern, Realtree Timber. For more information on Timber, go here . Don't Miss: 2019 SHOT Show: Realtree Timber...

10 Risky Yet Effective Deer Hunting Tips

Some of the best hunts I’ve been a part of were hunts where aggressive tactics were implemented. Here are 10 of those that have proven to be the most effective.

8 of the Best Deer Hunting Rifles for 2019

Good deer guns. Where would we be without them? The good news is we don't have to worry about that anymore. We have plenty of options. These eight guns are some of the best deer-hunting options on the market this year. And they all come in Realtree camo.